Welcome to UCMUN, the Netherlands’ biggest (historical) crisis simulation

The Utrecht Crisis Model United Nations takes place from May 28 to May 30 in everyone’s favourite city, Utrecht.

Join us for the seventh edition of a weekend filled with arguing diplomacy, backstabbing negotiations, and chaos fun! This crisis simulation will revolve around the Pacific Theater of the Second World War.

Will you fight to preserve democracy in the face of tyranny? Will you liberate Asia from imperialism? Will you fight against capitalist exploitation?

This event is organized by SIB-Utrecht. Get more information here. Convinced? Sign up here. Only €10 for an unforgettable weekend.

Note: depending on the coronavirus situation in late May, the event will either be fully organized digitally or (safely) on location. In the latter case, physical attendence is not mandatory: all participants can decide individually whether they join on location or via video call.


UCMUN is a yearly event organised by a subcommittee of SIB-Utrecht, the Dutch United Nations Students Association. SIB-Utrecht is a students association open for all students who are looking to make new friends and learn more about the world. For more information, please visit SIB's website.

This year’s edition is brought to you by:

YOU! Join us for this weekend and become a part of this great event. But also by SIB-Utrecht's 2021 SimulaTee members Tom, Benjamin, Nando, Aiso and Raymon.


The event will take place from May 28 - May 30. Start time is Friday evening, and on Saturday and Sunday it will continue in the morning and afternoon. Instructions will be provided for how you can participate online via video call and a website. If the coronavirus situation at the end of May allows it, you will also be able to join in person at the International Campus in Utrecht. Of course appropriate safety measures will be taken. When the physical event is possible, we will still assure that everyone also has the option to call in at any time instead of attending on location.

Costs are €10,00 at most. This includes lunch for those present on location. If the physical event will be cancelled, costs will be lower and part of the entry fee will be refunded to all participants, although at this time we can not yet say by how much.

There will be an instructional evening for participants. You can sign up online or during a visit to a SIB-Utrecht activity. Appropriate clothing for the time period or formal attire is encouraged.

Please e-mail simulatee@sib-utrecht.nl for any questions not found below.

What is a Crisis MUN?

MUN stands for Model United Nations. A MUN conference is in English, so as to create an international atmosphere and be accessible to everyone. Most MUNs have a (historical) crisis committee where cabinet members or delegates have to deal with an ongoing situation that rapidly changes. The main differences with a regular MUN committee is the speed at which you are expected to make decisions, as well as the adversarial element. UCMUN is one large crisis, where several cabinets deal with a large geopolitical situation that requires constant action.

Do I need any prior experience?

No, we will provide all the information you need to successfully participate in your first MUN. As it is a completely different setting, we will also not be adhering to the formal MUN rules. If you are experienced, we will provide you with a more challenging role. We have something for all levels and all wishes.

How historically accurate will this be?

Very. We strive for historical accuracy where possible. However, starting in 1941 the fate of Asia is in your hands, so any deviation from history is not only possible but even likely. The results of your decisions will be decided by an algorithm so if you play it smart, everyone has an equal chance at winning.

What role am I taking on?

Contrary to standard MUNs, you will not be a delegate of a country to the UN. Instead, only countries related to the Pacific War will be represented. Your role will be assigned to you, though it always possible to state your preference for a country. See Cabinets for the options.

How much knowledge am I supposed to have?

No specific knowledge is required. We will provide each participant with a booklet with background information on the geopolitical situation as well as the current situation in their country. We encourage everyone to do more research on their own, as information is power and might always come in handy.

We do require you to do a small background check on the character you are assigned, but this is for your benefit so you know what you’re supposed to achieve over the weekend.

Why isn’t my question on here?

Oops, sorry! Feel free to e-mail us at simulatee@sib-utrecht.nl. Please make sure your question isn’t answered on the website before sending us a message, considering the large volume of e-mails we receive on a daily basis.


During the event you will initially be assigned a hisotrical character and the "cabinet" of a major power in East-Asia in 1941. You can provide your cabinet preference in the sign up form. The options are as follows:

Empire of Japan

The military has effectively done away with parliamentary democracy and restored the emperor to his rightful place. Since the Meiji Restoration Japan has managed to compete with the great powers of Europe. Now a group of expansionist officers seek to expand Japan her influence across its own seas. The European powers control valuable resources, the Chinese are weakened by infighting and the Russians are distracted in the West. Infighting over who to attack between the army and navy and Japan’s position compared to its subjugated territories still causes much tension, yet nobody can deny the strength of the Japanese armed forces. It is time for Japan to claim its place in the sun!

United States of America

After the Great Depression destroyed the spirit of the American people, the new president Franklin Delano Roosevelt has made great progress in dealing with the poverty and chaos of the fallout of the Wall Street Crash. America remains a fortress surrounded by enemies. On the one hand the expansionist Japanese, on the other the communist Soviet Union. Even the Europeans and their colonial regimes are no friend to America. She must remain neutral and proud! America First! Unless something were to happen to her global status of course. Unrivalled as a military and economic hegemon, America has no fear, yet no friends.

Imperial Alliance (British Commonwealth, Dutch East Indies, Free France)

The Third Reich dominates continental Europe, yet the free nations of Europe remain vigilant. The British Commonwealth, alongside its allies in the French resistance and the Dutch government in exile, seek to defend the status-quo. Australia, the Dutch East Indies and India are all vulnerable as their overlords have fallen to the German war machine. It is now up to these European nations to work together to defend their remaining territories against powers who have differing views on colonialism. Yet these ‘anti-imperialists’ seek only to expand their own totalitarian empires against the last bastion of democracy.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The Russian Revolution created a state the world has yet to witness. The vanguard of socialism across the globe, the USSR has created a workers paradise on earth! Under the guise of the great Stalin, the man of steel, vozhd of all Russians and Hitler’s greatest opponent, the peoples of the Union have seen their nations transform from agrarian backwaters to industrialised superpowers. Yet Stalin did not manage to do so without facing many opponents, even from within the Union. After some more than persuasive campaigns the USSR can finally look outwards again. The red banner shall be carried across the world by the Red Army.

Chinese United Front

Once the greatest nation in the world, China has been plagued by trouble. The ‘Century of humiliation’ starting with the Opium Wars must come to an end! Doctor Sun Yat-Sen and his Kuomintang party have shown that China can modernise and once again be free from the clutches of foreign empires. Unfortunately Dr. Sun and his legacy have led to more conflict. China has just faced a decade of warlords terrorising the country, but out of the ashes two factions emerged. The generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek and his nationalist continuation of the Kuomintang and Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party. Once mortal enemies, these factions must now make peace or face annihilation at the hands of foreign powers once more.